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Events by Fun Services is one of the only event rental service providers to offer game trailers throughout the state of New Jersey! Our carnival and boardwalk-themed game trailers provide laughter and enjoyment to children and adults alike. Additionally, we carry small, medium, and large-sized prize packages to stock the game trailers, enabling your guests to immerse themselves in the whole carnival experience.

We currently offer eight fun-filled game trailers, and in 2023 we will be adding two more for you and your guests to enjoy!

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Double Game Trailers

We are now offering three exciting double game trailers!


24’ Double Game Trailer

Our 24’ double game trailer includes three-player Hoop Shot basketball and two-player Beanbag Toss Knock-Out.


Sports Double Game Trailer

One of our newest additions, the Sports Double Game Trailer, includes Basketball Connect 4 on one side and a Double Football Tire Toss on the other.


Fat Cat Double Game Trailer

The Fat Cat Double Game Trailer is another of our brand new additions. This double game trailer includes two windows featuring Fat Cat, the carnival-style beanbag toss.

candy trailer

Boardwalk-Style Candy Wheel Game Trailer

Our boardwalk-style candy wheel game trailer is a favorite for children of all ages. Every spin of the wheel is a chance to win candy, and what child doesn’t love candy?

Water Gun Game Trailers

Who can forget the excitement experienced as a child attending a carnival and using a water gun to race for a prize? Events by Fun Services has two exhilarating water gun trailers that accommodate between 14 and 19 competitors. Our retro-style 14 water gun game trailer lets participants race to pop a balloon by aiming their water guns at classic carnival clowns. And our 19 water gun game trailer is a vertical water race where each competitor’s goal is to get their icon to reach the top first.

Our Professional and Personable Staff

While some events provide their own volunteers to run the game trailers, most event planners choose to have the Events by Fun Services’ team members monitor and run the games. Our top priority is ensuring that your event provides fond memories that last a lifetime. And even if volunteers are running the game trailers, we always have staff on-site to assure customer safety and satisfaction.

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